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"If getting results for your clients is your primary objective, then you can focus everything else around it. Business Mentoring Success will give you the exact blueprint in order to do this. Enjoy!" Brendan Purcell (Former Performance Director, British Rowing)
So, How Do You Build A World-Class
Mentoring Business?
(without leaving the SAFETY and COMFORT of your home or office)
From: Steve Hackney
London, England

Why build an average mentoring business when it takes the same time and effort to build a world-class one? 

That's the premise of my acclaimed book. 

I've been a business mentor for over 20+ years, and I can tell you I've made more mistakes than most... and with Business Mentoring Success, you can benefit from the learnings, without the wasted time effort and heartache of making these mistakes! 

When I started out way back in 1995, I was a professional rugby player with England and Leicester Tigers (then one of the world's greatest teams). So I knew what 'world-class' looked and felt like. As it turns out, playing for a world-class team was an education that would serve me well as a business mentor.
A few images from my rugby playing days. Little did I know at the time how valuable this experience would be on my way to building a world-class mentoring business!
However, as most people do, I started out my mentoring journey by 'copying' what everyone else was doing, and it almost always ended in tears... until I moved away from convention and started applying many of the learnings I had throughout my sporting career.  

It still wasn't plain sailing and obviously, most of the things I tried fell flat on their face, but some of them worked, and worked really well. I just kept testing, and testing and ultimately I found the solutions that overcame all the problems I was facing, like...
  • Losing clients almost as quickly as I got them
  • Charging peanuts for my time and expertise
  • Many clients getting poor results
  • ​Struggling to acquire clients in the numbers I wanted and needed
  • ​Spending far too much money and time to acquire clients
  • ​Having to reinvent the wheel with every new client
  • ​'Winging it' with clients after the first few meetings
  • ​Not delivering enough value
  • ​Not being able to convey my expertise adequately enough
  • ​Having to 'haggle' on fees with prospective clients (which I always found demeaning)
  • Wasting so much time driving to prospects' and clients' offices
I'm sure you're familiar with most of these challenges, too!

The fact is, most business mentors, coaches and consultants don't know how to build a world-class business that brings them the rewards they deserve.

They all at some point get hit with almost all the challenges I faced.

And that's because...

They follow the 'herd' (like I used to do!) and use out-dated techniques (like I used to do!) that simply don't cut it in the digital world we now live in.

You must move with the times.

It's never been easier to create a world-class mentoring business in the SAFETY and COMFORT of your home or office, where you can work with clients in any part of the world, without restriction. You just need the right tools, resources and systems to facilitate it.

But not only that, I show you how to do it quickly, using time-tested and current tactics, strategies and systems that hundreds of business mentors are using right now to build and scale very successful businesses.

The magic ingredient in building any profitable business is to get your fees right. Most mentors, coaches and consultants charge relative peanuts for their time. Business Mentoring Success shows you EXACTLY how to acquire a constant stream of clients who are happy to pay you at least £400 an hour, YES PER HOUR

This level of fees doesn't just happen. You have to set up your entire mentoring business with this goal in mind. Do that and, although it sounds counter-intuitive, business owners will be fighting over you and your services and happily pay you £400 an hour or more.


I can assure you this is happening right now all over the world with hundreds of business mentors who are using the tactics and strategies in Business Mentoring Success.  

Who Is Business Mentoring Success For?
I wrote Business Mentoring Success specifically for two groups of people...

Firstly, for existing coaches, consultants, and trainers to show how they can add a highly successful mentoring business to their existing portfolio of services and for people looking to get into this rewarding industry.

It's literally the step-by-step guide to creating an extremely successful mentoring business and anyone can do it with the right tools, the right systems and the right tactics and strategies. The book includes absolutely everything you need to accomplish this. 
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Inside You'll Discover
The Blueprint To Your Success
(Here's a fraction of what's inside the book)
Inside the 315 pages of Business Mentoring Success, I share with you dozens of proven tactics and strategies that you can easily apply to help you build a successful mentoring business and enable you charge £400 an hour with every client. Here's a brief overview...
CHAPTER 1: What Does World Class Really Mean?
  • The surprising truth on what it takes to create a world-class mentoring business!
  • Simple sporting and business examples that demonstrate a world-class ethos...
  • Exactly how you too can build a world-class mentoring business!
CHAPTER 2: It's Not Rocket Science But It IS A Science!
  • The science behind creating a world-class mentoring business!
  • Why following my proven FORMULA will guarantee your success...
  • Revealed: The business mentoring FORMULA you need to apply...
CHAPTER 3: Results For Your Clients
  • Why getting results for your clients has to be at the heart of your business!
  • Creating a step-by-step mentoring system to deliver those results to ALL clients...
  • How to ensure your mentoring system can be used with EVERY client!
  • ​How to run EVERYTHING from the safety and comfort of your home or office!
  • ​​Never have to 'wing it' again with clients by using this simple approach...
  • ​The missing piece of the jigsaw and why this is paramount to achieving results!
  • ​How to ensure clients implement your tactics to a high standard - EVERY time...
CHAPTER 4: Mentoring Attraction Package (M.A.P.)
  • The BIG discovery: Your service must be transformed into a 'product'!
  • Why your M.A.P. is the key to acquiring a constant stream of mentoring clients...
  • Creating your M.A.P. so it's irresistible to your target audience!
  • ​How to deliver your M.A.P. so you acquire clients at the RIGHT FEE...
  • Use this simple secret strategy so your fees are never challenged!
CHAPTER 5: Lead Generation
  • How to effortlessly pinpoint the best prospects for your business (for FREE)!
  • ​Why looking for 'growth intent' in a business sets them apart from all others...
  • ​The secret to creating an endless stream of leads ready for you to convert...
  • ​The power of using 'Expertise First'!
  • ​Using the principle of '1 FOR 1' to grow and scale your business fast...
  • ​The top 4 'Lead Magnets' that NEVER fail for a mentoring business!
  • ​The anatomy of a PERFECT landing page that converts a high percentage of visitors into leads...
  • ​Which cost-effective traffic generation sources you should be using to scale your business!
  • ​Why putting an automated follow-up system will 10x your results!
CHAPTER 6: Acquiring Clients
  • Using a 'Sales Conversion System' to skyrocket your client acquisitions!
  • ​The 6 proven stages of a powerful Sales Conversion System...
  • ​Ensuring you acquire mentoring clients at the RIGHT FEE...
  • ​Using the power of your M.A.P. to easily convert leads into clients!
  • ​The importance of asking for the order (every time)...
  • ​How to conduct ALL prospect meetings online and do it with confidence!
CHAPTER 7: Maximising Client Value
  • Why you must eliminate 'broken showers' from your entire business!
  • ​Using 'Moments Of Truth' to WOW your clients...
  • ​Why you owe it to yourself and your clients to sell more to them!​
  • ​The 4 proven sectors that will instantly maximise client value...
  • ​Creating 'Continuity In Advance' - and why it's the best business model on the planet!
  • ​The FREE Referral System that will multiply your client acquisition...
  • ​How to easily up-sell and cross-sell more services to your clients!
  • ​Developing your one-to-many 'Mastermind Group'...
  • ​​Why 'giving the industry the respect it deserves' will put you in the top 0.1% of business mentors!
What Others Are Saying About
Business Mentoring Success
"There are 3 reasons why you should get this book. Firstly, it's going to cut down your learning curve. Secondly, the strategies are so easy to apply they're a no-brainer. And thirdly, these are tried and tested strategies, you can be confident they work." Boomy Tokan
"Such an eye-opener. Blow-by-blow guide to creating a successful mentoring business. A detailed Playbook on how to make this work for you." Jo Seawright
"The complete guide to building and scaling a successful mentoring business... but that doesn't do it justice. There are so many light bulb moments in the book." David Watt
"I wasn't sure it would teach me anything new but I was surprised at the depth and all the secrets Steve reveals. It's not about how to be a good coach or mentor. It's more about how to build a successful mentoring business. There's a big difference." Patricia Taylor-Shipley
"Fascinating insight from Steve being a successful professional rugby player to successful business mentor and all the trials and tribulations along the way. I've already used the tactics, systems and strategies in the book to acquire many clients at the right fee." Brian Alcock

David Davies
Iscennen Coach and Mentor

"The blueprint to setting up a successful mentoring business. I strongly recommend this book to anyone looking to build a mentoring business."

Tanya Olufemi
Diadem Business Consulting

"What a phenomenal book. It navigates you through all the pitfalls and gives you a cast-iron system for building a successful mentoring business!"

Jon Tompkins
Infomatrix Solutions

"One of Steve's great strengths is to make growing a mentoring business straight forward without the BS. The book is no different and it's packed full of gold dust."

Alan Kerr
AddToCart Limited

"A brilliant business model. Steve gives away so many secrets. Pure gold for coaches, consultants and anyone else looking to get into mentoring"

Trevor Moore
A1 Sales Coach

"An engaging, entertaining and powerful read and packed with inspirational information on how to build a successful mentoring business!"

Frank Martin
Frank Martin Mentoring

"Nothing short of a blueprint for mentoring success. A comprehensive system to grow, run and scale your business for long-lasting success. Easy to digest too."
You Get The Book Totally FREE
The book retails at £19.95. You can buy it from Amazon and other leading book stores. But if you invest in the book on this page, all you have to pay is £7.95 to cover shipping and handling. The book is completely FREE!

So, why would I do this for you, have I gone mad?

It's simple really...

This is a first-of-a-kind book. Nobody else has written a book on business mentoring and what it really takes to build a world-class mentoring business. I've worked with thousands upon thousands of coaches, mentors and consultants over the last 20 years and almost all of them without exception do what everyone else does... and most of it is FLAWED!

For example, most people still insist on meeting their clients face-to-face, but with today's technology options that's just so unproductive. It wastes so much time and frankly the online meeting platforms such as Zoom, GoTo Meetings and even Skype are so good now, it's almost like you're with the client anyway. And although I've been advising this approach for years, in the current world we live in, it's so much safer working from home or your office.

So why wouldn't you do that?

Anyway, I love this wonderful industry and I want as many coaches, consultants, mentors and people looking to get into the industry to do things RIGHT, not WRONG. The more the better, because when you set everything up correctly, it's actually not that difficult to quickly GROW and SCALE a world-class mentoring business with business owners enthusiastic to work with you.

Secondly, I still have my own mentoring clients and I use the EXACT SYSTEM I teach in the book. I also work with hundreds of other business mentors, they all use the system in the book. In short... IT WORKS. It works right now and it's the perfect 'online business' (yes ONLINE business) to run if you care about helping others reach their goals and aspirations through your own skills and expertise.

And, thirdly, I know if you do invest in the book I stand a good chance of you loving what we do - and maybe, just maybe, you'll invest in one of our other programmes, such as The Mentors Guild (but of course there's no obligation to do so).
Here's why...

We only have 2,000 books left from the publisher. As soon as this supply runs out, so will this offer. You can then of course buy the book from Amazon and other book stores, but you'll have to pay the full price of the book - £19.95. 

I also reserve the right to pull this offer down at any time, so take the easy step today and get the book for FREE and pay just a small shipping and handling fee. 
You'll Love The Book 
Business Mentoring Success has been 20 years in the making. It's taken me 3 years to write, but I've included absolutely everything you need to quickly build a highly successful and world-class mentoring business. I think you'll love it too, but if you don't just ask for a full refund and you've got it... we'll refund your shipping and handling fee in full and you can keep the book anyway

That's how confident I am that you'll be absolutely delighted with the book.

- Steve Hackney

P.S. If you're anything like me, you've read hundreds, even thousands of books. Most promise much and deliver little. My philosophy has always been to OVER-deliver. I promise you, I've included my life's work in the book. 

That includes all the big mistakes I made. Why things didn't work and what the solution is for all of them. 

Then I explain in step-by-step precise detail the steps you need to follow to expertly apply the tactics, strategies and systems and what cost-effective apps to use to automate and systemise as much as you possibly can. 

As one person has said... "it's an absolute goldmine". And that's exactly what I wanted to create for you!

So, here's the deal:

I'm mailing you a 315-page book, "Business Mentoring Success - How To Build A World-Class Mentoring Business" (that retails at £19.95) for FREE. All you pay is £7.95 shipping and handling anywhere in the world.

There's no catch... 

If fact, if you don't love the book - I'll even refund your shipping costs (and you don't have to ship the book back).

So, click the button below to get your FREE copy now. I promise you won't regret it...
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